Edward Snowden: A Traitor Of Edward Snowden

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"The persecution of the Jews in the General Government in Polish territory gradually worsened in its cruelty. In 1939 and 1940 they were forced to wear the Star of David and were herded together and confined in ghettos. In 1941 and 1942 this unadulterated sadism was fully revealed. And then a thinking man, who had overcome his inner cowardice, simply had to help. There was no other choice." These words were spoken by the Traitor of the Nationalist Socialist Party Oscar Schindler in an interview in 1964. Oscar Schindler deliberately subverted the laws of the ruling government in Poland during 1942 and 1944 by falsifying and forging official government documents. At that time, if discovered he would have been imprisoned or executed. Yet history records him as a hero. Had Germany won the Second World War history would record that Oscar Schindler was a Traitor. While the words Traitor and Hero are easy to define and understand it is the perspective of the viewer and society they exist within that gives the words relevance. A Traitor to one may be a Hero to another. In this Essay the researcher hopes to demonstrate that Edward Snowden is both a Hero and a Traitor. Edward Snowden In May of 2013 Edward Snowden who was then working at a National Security Agency office in Oahu, Hawaii began copying top secret documents that belonged to the American government as he believed the documentation contained unethical and immoral content that he believed the American people and the world in general needed to know about. (Snowden, 2014) The documentation that he collated contained information regarding projects such as Prism, which is a top secret NSA surveillance program that has the ability to access the data servers of some of America's large... ... middle of paper ... ...ary of 2013 demonstrated that the government's claims that over fifty terrorist threats had been averted (Bruce, 2013) were misleading and that it was standard investigative procedures, such as informants, tip offs and targeted operations that yielded positive results in nearly all cases. The NSA input was minimal and that only 1.8% of cases where initiated by its mass data collection programs. (Bergen et al., 2014)These inefficiencies are what Matthew Duffin; assistant professor at Utah Valley University believes are unethical. (Archner, 2014) Current polls indicate that the American public oppose the NSA programs. (Page, 2014) The America Government is not carrying out immoral, illegal or unethical acts by collecting data on its citizens. However, history has shown that such collections of data without correct supervision can easily be used in an unethical manner.

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