Wi-Fi Technology And Its Application In Business Organizations

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Wi-Fi technology and its application in Business organizations


To understand the Wi-Fi technology and its applications in Indian business organisations


In today’s high-tech world connectivity to networks is extremely important for organizations to survive. Networking is possible of various machines like computers, laptops, cell phones etc.

This term paper talks of Wi-Fi, the wireless technology that allows internet connection to be broadcasted through radio waves. Its purpose serves directly to the users looking for internet access devoid of any cords or wires.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology brand that is owned by Wi-Fi Alliance

Wi-Fi Alliance is a consortium of separate and independent companies agreeing to a set of common interoperable products based on the family of IEEE 802.11 standards. Wi-Fi certifies products via a set of established test procedures to establish interoperability. Those manufacturers that are members of Wi-Fi Alliance whose products pass these interoperability tests can mark their products and product packaging with the Wi-Fi logo.

How does Wi-Fi work?

Radio waves are the keys which make Wi-Fi networking possible. These radio signals are transmitted from antennas and routers and are picked up by Wi-Fi receivers such as computers and cell phones that are equipped with Wi-Fi cards. Whenever a computer receives any of the signals within the range of a Wi-Fi network which is usually 300 – 500 feet for antennas and 100 – 150 feet for routers, the Wi-Fi card will read the signals and thus create an internet connection between the user and the network without the use of a cord. Usually the connection speed is increases as the computer gets closer to the main source of the signal and decreases when the computer gets further away.

Many new laptops already come with a Wi-Fi card built in it.

Wi-Fi cards can be external or internal, meaning that if a Wi-Fi card is not installed in the computer, one may purchase a USB antenna attachment and have it externally connect to the USB port, or have an antenna-equipped expansion card installed directly to the computer.

Laptops without a built in Wi-Fi card is usually installed the external way while PCs have it installed internally. Once a connection is established between the user and the network, the user will be prompted with a login screen and password if it is a fee-based type network. Though there’re also free-based network connections as well in some areas.

Wi-Fi networking around the world is creating hot spots in cities where anyone with a laptop can wirelessly plug into the internet.
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