Why Teenagers Should Be Able To Read The Book Mosquitooland

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Imagine having no friends and moving to a whole new school with just a dad and stepmom , and while moving to the new school and places the mom on the other side of the country is very ill. Even though these examples might sound very sad and heartbreaking but these things could be turned into positives. This is why teens should be able to read the book MosquitoLand because it teaches the importance about making good life decisions, strangers can be dangerous, and about real life family problems that could happen. In life it’s good to make good life decisions because it could end badly. First, in the novel MosquitoLand it states that Mary has a bad eye problem but in the motel it says “take one tablet daily on the pill bottle” (Arnold 75-76). But, she only ends of taking half and that causes her to see badly and almost get …show more content…

Secondly,when Mary is in the motel and in the bathroom it says “the metamorphosis begins at poncho man’s feet , his mismatched shoes bursting open at the toe . Pants bulge at the knees and thighs . And the man repeating nothing will happen nothing you don't want untill he grips me and i'm screaming” ( Arnold 83-84 ).This quote shows that just because they might look like a decent nice person they might be a really mean horrible person. So, watch out for stranger danger. Teens should be able to read this book because it also, teaches about real life family situations. Lastly, “ Mary, her dad and her stepmom moved all the way to jackson Mississippi . But, at home back in ashland, Ohio Mary’s mom is very sick and dying” (Arnold 3-5 ). This quote, proves that this could be happening in a real life family situation. It also, is showing that teens that read this book this same problem might be happening to peers around them. Teens should be informed about family problems so they know that peers like them might have the same problems as them and could

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