My Role Model Essay

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Someone who influences his or her life can also be known as their role model. Role models can be seen any and everywhere. Most role models are someone famous or well known that is a thousand other people’s role model. On the contrary, my father, Brian Flynt, is my role model. Although my dad is not a millionaire or famous athlete he is my role model and the man I want to be.
My father grew up in Pearl Mississippi and in my eyes and the eyes of others he was a stellar athlete. He went to six different schools between 1st and 12th grade and was an athlete at all of them. My dad was the starting quarterback at Faith Academy from 8th until 10th grade when he moved to Pearl. He made the high school baseball team at Pearl and was begged by the football coach to play, but he refused. He set out to play baseball and be one of the greatest of all time. When he found out that was nothing more than a dream he turned to men’s softball throughout the state of Mississippi. My dad started playing men’s softball when he was 17 and finally retired when he was 45. He has won six state championships over a span of almost 30 years and came
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They actually went on their first date in June of 1989 and got engaged in September of 1989. Yes, after 3 short months the two were young and in love. My mom was 19 when they were married, and my dad was only 20. It is almost hard to comprehend; currently, that two people can be married for that long without a single divorce. My brother, Zach Flynt, was born just two years after they were married. Their love is a beautiful thing to see and experience as a kid. I have always been around a great family situation and it has given me a sense of hope to find the one for me. It seems hard to live up to the standards of getting married in such a short time and staying married for 26 years and counting. I guess I can say I got a lot to live up
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