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Does It Deserve To Be Banned: Go Ask Alice In 1971 a book was published under the name of Go Ask Alice, with no author or editor. It was just written under anonymous. Although anonymous during the mid 1980, Beatrice Sparks, a teen physiologist, was uncovered to have helped write a good portion of the book. Although she helped the real author was never reveled. This book portrays the life and choices that fifteen year old Alice faces in her life. Although the character is named Alice, she does not correlate with any specific person in real life. The journals were a combination of different patients Sparks was seeing. Since its publishing in 1971 Go Ask Alice has become one of the most controversial banned books. This is because of its strong commentary on sex, suicide, heavy drug usage and teen pregnancy. After finishing the book, this book should not be in the banned books. This book had strong language for a younger child to read but. it shows what can happen to teenagers, what students will do for drugs, and it has a strong message for older teens. For younger readers this book carries very strong language but it has a strong message. One of those is that it shows what students will do for drugs. While researching the book you discover that in South Carolina, Berkley County school district, was one of the first to pull the book from schools and libraries. This occurred after a mom protested the book when her 8th grade daughter had to read little experts from the book to her classmates. The students mother did not want her to be reading a book with so much profanity and references to sex. One of the most controversial lines that comes from the book is when Alice writes in her journal “Another day, another blow-job”. She doe... ... middle of paper ... ... effected Alice's life. In conclusion, this book should not be banned. Many readers of this book would agree that this book should be read by teenagers. It shows how far teenagers will go to get drugs, the consequences of drugs, and how life is like once you are hooked onto drugs. This is a book that many teenagers should read before getting involved in any type of substances. This can teach many teens what to do when situations like this arise. They will know the consequences and will know what to expect. How real this book portrays all the events teens can decide not to try anything because in a way they slightly experienced everything with Alice. Overall the book should not be banned and teens should be allowed to read this any where without there being consequences. Works Cited Sparks, Beatrice. Go Ask Alice. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1971. Print.

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  • Opines that go ask alice should not be banned because of its commentary on sex, suicide, heavy drug usage, and teen pregnancy.
  • Explains that the berkley county school district was one of the first to pull the book from schools and libraries.
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