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Imagine a book about a couple of good friends hanging out over the summer but with a twist to it, doesn't sound like that bad of a book. But the book Swim the Fly, has still been banned many different times, for many different reasons, but it teaches good lessons to teens, it also talks about different topics teens can relate to. Swim The Fly should be read by teens in school because it teaches the reader to take chances, the value and importance of friendship, and to never give up. Teens should be able to read Swim the Fly, because it teaches the reader to take chances. “ ‘Apparently, her brilliant son Steven broke his leg dirt biking’...’and we need someone to take his place in the butterfly race’ yelled Ms. Luntz ‘Who's gonna swim the fly?’ And it's like some force outside of me suddenly grabs my right arm and thrusts my hand high into the air, and the words tumble out of my mouth before i know what's going on. ‘I’ll do it.” When no one else on the swim team would be the hero, Matt, the smallest and least athletic boy on the team volunteers to swim the hardest race in swimming, only to try and impress the new girl on his team. Swim the Fly teaches the reader to take chances because Matt took a chance to swim the fly, to impress the new attractive girl. Swim The Fly …show more content…

“ I can see the end of the swim lane… I slapped my hand on the tile, finished… ‘ Hey kid come here’ the ref said. I walked over expecting to get picked on about my time, ‘ I think we have a new record here… I've never seen anyone come in first place with this bad of a time before.” (Calame 345). The smallest, least athletic kid on the team, came first in the hardest race, and won the championship for his entire team. And he didn't even think he would finish the race. Teens should be able to Swim The Fly, because it teaches the reader to never give up on anything in life, even if the odds aren't in your

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