Why Students Cheat

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The problem of why students cheating are a big dilemma in our society now a day. Many educational institutions or private colleges have been facing for years. It is an old misconduct that students bring since they were in elementary school because nobody wants to be the second in the class. There are many organizations that have done research to prove the amount of students that cheat. They have found much kind of reasons why students feel the necessity to commit fraud.

“ According to Gary Niels ’ most young people cheat at least once in their high school career’,3 Top Reasons Why Students Cheat”. Primary, most of the students who cheat by copying from other students, they do not do it because of lack of knowledge .They do it because they do not want to put enough effort in their studies or just because they don’t have enough time to prepare for the exam. So when a student is caught cheating it can cause them to lose all credibility with the professor and most of the time an “F” automatically. Sometimes the professor don’t follow the institution policy and bring the students another opportunity. It is also the origin of a big problem because they are lying to themselves thinking that they have learned sufficient to demonstrate their ability when they have to work in the field.

Another factor to take into consideration is that student may cheat when they are under stress. Some students have Full-time School, work at the same time as a part time and also have family obligations. This excess of duties and responsibilities causes loss of efficiency and capacity to finish the schoolwork. That’s why is important to avoid all kind of problems and concentrate on the major issue and not worry about other...

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... students cut and paste without how to paraphrase the materials. Also, teachers explain the students how to put researches documents into their own words. Another thing, college students have been caught using instant messengers such as Skype, Facebook, Instagram and Yahoo in order to share test answers with friends. They also use the internet to buy essays for the writing class in college and thus improve they grades .Then the majority of students that cheat do so to improve their chances of success in the future. They believe that good grades will get them into a prestigious college or university and in this way they will improve their chances of getting better jobs. In conclusion, there are many reasons why the students cheat, but that only lead they to failure in the futures because for me is better a “C” with sacrifice and dedication than “A” with cheating.
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