Argumentative Essay On Plagiarism

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Plagiarism is something that is not respected, condoned, or accepted in any part of the education process. Not only does it steal someone else’s work, but it robs students of the learning experience they can gain from assignments. Plagiarism is immoral and unethical. According to the dictionary, plagiarism is “The submission of material authored by another person being represented as a student’s own work,” whether that material is paraphrased, completely copied or fragmentally copied. Basically, plagiarism is “to take ideas or writings from another and pass them off as one’s own” (Webster’s New World Dictionary). Plagiarism has been around since humanities first words were written, making it is easy for students to turn to it. Students will…show more content…
This form of cheating occurs more often than it should because students may not feel confident in their own work; they are constantly being reminded by society that they must do their best and receive the highest academic achievements. So why has society shamed students for taking such actions when society is partly to blame for the situation. But society is not to blame alone; students themselves are also held at fault, because it is their self-doubt and lack of time management that result in them plagiarizing. If students had the experience of submitting actual personal work, they would understand that being praised by their peers is more appreciable and could add to their overall self-worth. Students would also be proud of the grade they receive because it is one they truly deserve for their hard work and not for the work what someone else has already done. Students do not see how easy they could commit plagiarism without knowing they are plagiarizing. It is as simple as using a quote and not giving credit to those who deserves it. Students also do not seem to know that there are different forms of plagiarism, that there is not just one, but five types of

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