Analysis Of Cheating: The Rise Of Dishonor

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Cheating: the Rise of Dishonor Cheating is a rising issue throughout the educational system. It is an unfair and immoral method to achieve higher marks on an exam or a better essay score. William Chace discuses in his article, “A Question of Honor”, how well students keep up to being academically honest. Chace’s article is very effective due to the crucial points of logical reasoning, pressure, and cheating itself. He utilizes logos and pathos to appeal to his audience. These arguments are demonstrated in the essay that connect to the question of are students cheating and why they do it. Throughout Chace’s article his opinions are very straightforward and to the point. Chace provides an example of logos audience appeal, logical reasoning, to strengthen his explanation of are students cheating. He exclaims, “But truth to tell…Today, lots of students cheat. They use the work of others. They buy essays. They plagiarize…the phenomenon of heating is nothing new. Students have been at it for a long time” (Chace 202). Working in a college environment, by becoming a Vice-provost and a president of two universities, Chace has experience with students and essays. By saying the prior statement he is not denying cheating, but is simply stating an…show more content…
By using logos audience appeal, logical reasoning, he is presenting his audience with a straightforward way to help the American high education system recover. He states a rebuttal argument and gives the reader another idea toward cheating in a school environment. “Cheating now hurts American higher education; it might well be cheating that can begin to save it” (Chace 201). Cheating in higher education is more severe and frowned up then primary school. From reading this quote, it could mean that it does hurts higher education, but when someone cheats it is to be considered that a good grade was received. So people can determine that cheating

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