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Cheating on academic work is a serious issue that most students admit to doing at some point in their academic career. Elite students are surprisingly the culprits of cheating, but hide it well. (Romm, para 5) Cheating is such a large issue that “70% of students from a sample of 1,800 from nine campuses said they had cheated at least once during their college careers.” (Schneider, para 9) Students cheat on academic work because of different, ongoing pressures in their lives. Understanding the student’s motives and pressures are essential to preventing cheating from occurring in the future. Students cheat for different reasons specific to them regarding their priorities, pressures and because of how easy it has become. Even though eliminating cheating will not happen, there are actions that educational professionals can and should take to prevent most of it from happening so often. Therefor cheating problems are minimized and have a positive impact on the student’s education and understanding of concepts. There is no specific reason as to why every student cheats; every students situation is different, which leads to different motives. Some students cheat because of pressure their parents put on them along with their parent’s high expectations they are expected to fulfill. The student cheats as a result of their fear of not being able to fulfill their parent’s expectations and in their eyes see no other option, other than to cheat because of their low self confidence that they cannot do well on their own. According to Tom Keana of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, parents affect the children by constantly badgering and questioning about how well they are doing. Tom says: “They cheat because sometimes the penalties of not doing so appea... ... middle of paper ... ...Almost every student nowadays can admit to cheating at some point in their educational career, but motives as to why they cheat vary and can’t be narrowed down to one reason. There are many excuses as to why all levels of students chose to cheat no matter how wrong or unexpected it is. Cheating is a large problem, but members of universities and schools can discourage it and try to prevent it as much as possible. Not only should it be frowned upon, but it also should be a priority to make it next to impossible to do. Advisers can reduce the temptation of cheating by significantly decreasing the amount of true and false and multiple choice questions on exams and quizzes. Also by understanding the students social and parental pressures in a person at that age’s life is important and contributes to decreasing the amount of students cheating in schools and universities.

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