Why Should Women Be Able To Vote

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Back then in American society there was a social belief that women shouldn’t be able to vote. Men believed that women should only focus on being a housewife and talking care of their kids. They felt that if women were able to vote then they would stop getting married, having kids and that the human race would just die out. Men didn’t believe that women should be able to vote, which led to women proving as to why they should be able to vote, to now looking on how this has affected our future. During the early history of America as a nation, women were denied some of the key rights enjoyed by male citizens. Women were expected to only focus on housework and motherhood, not politics. Married women had no legal claim to any money that they might have made. They also couldn’t own any property. Men objected the thought on women voting because they believed that women were inferior to them. They felt as if they didn’t care about politics the way they did and that they wouldn’t be able to think out maters coolly and calmly. Men believed that women couldn’t make a sound political decision and felt they were too emotional. …show more content…

Even though women are still not getting treated equally to men, when you compare back then to now you can see a difference. Mostly everyone today believes that women should be able to vote. One of the reasons that men didn’t want women to vote back then was because they thought they would stop getting married and having kids. But if you look at today you can see that it’s absolutely not true. Even with voting rights, women are still getting married and having kids and no one has to worry about the human race dying

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