Why Should Homework Should Be Optional?

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98% of students are bored in school, so there must be a way to prevent this and a way to show schools that homework does not Improve with learning. It seems like teachers are eager to give kids homework. Kids go to school to learn, and when teachers do not do their job and make kids do work in their off time. It is unacceptable. Kids sign up for school to learn in school not to have to go home and take time away from their extracurricular activities or from time with their friends, so when kids get homework that means that teacher are not doing their jobs. They 're being lazy, they just make kids learn the subject themselves. Homework should be optional because, homework takes time away from your extracurricular activities, homework does not…show more content…
For an average middle school student, it takes around 90 minutes to complete homework every day. According to a study made by Harris Cooper, a professor at Duke University If kids have to complete more than an hour of homework a day and also have an extracurricular activity, then it can make them go to bed late and then the next day they would not be able to play their best in their activity. Homework is a bomb. Most schools encourage kids to be in extracurricular activities and most of them are after school for usually and hour or more and then put another hour of homework on top of that and eating dinner and doing chores that can take until 9 and studies show that kids around 9-12 should go to bed around 7:30-9:00 and if they are used to going to bed at 8 then they will be way too tired and will be too tired to play in their next extracurricular activity. Homework is a knife. Research shows that you should get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. So if you go to bed at 11:45 and take a few hours to go to sleep and end up at going to sleep at 2 and wake up at 7 then you 're only getting 5 hours of sleep a night because of homework and that is not enough sleep and can make you do terrible at your big game! That is why teachers should not be allowed to give homework after school, maybe they can give it over lunch or

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