Why Napoleon Wins

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Maximilien Robespierre did not do more to further France as a nation that Napoleon Bonaparte. Robespierre only got the ball rolling. He only took down the governments and caused the deaths of countless numbers of people as a way to control them. He was then caught fleeing and tried to commit suicide and failed. Shortly afterwards he was beheaded. Napoleon had to be taken down by armies of twelve different countries before he gave up rule on France. He then ended up coming back ten months later to retake France. Napoleon had done more to further France as a nation by ending the French Revolution, expanding France and France's power, and seeking peace with France's enemy countries.
Napoleon had an interesting childhood. He was born on August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica. His background prevented him from ever rising to the position of being the ruler of France. However, he was very good at everything military wise, entering the Military Academy of Brienne when he was only ten. He completed his school time with ease, taking only a year to do what everyone else had to do in three.
Napoleon was considered a hero for what he did for France by the way he ruled and sought out justice for his country. The revolution affected Napoleon by causing opportunities for Napoleon to quickly move up the chain of command until he was a general at the age of twenty four. He ended the revolution in 1799 and was then named "France's first Consul" by 1800. Although he was considered a dictator, he ended the French Revolution which compromised of violent, pointless death that came with the Terror and then the Great Terror. Within a year he had ended all conflicts and brought Europe long awaited peace.
Napoleon made a code called the Napoleonic Code th...

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...becoming one of the best generals to have ever lived. Another challenge he had faced that he could never actually get over was never causing any real great harm to Great Britain. He did conquer Egypt but was immediately halted by the navy of Britain.
Napoleon was better than Robespierre in all ways. He expanded France's territory farther than Robespierre could have imagined. Napoleon also instituted the Napoleonic Code which has had more impact on France, then and today, then any of Robespierre's speeches. Napoelon was on the front line fighting for his countries freedoms, whereas Robespierre only talked.

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