Napoleon Bonaparte: “I am no ordinary man.”

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One of the bloodiest revolutions in history was the French Revolution. This revolution had a significant impact to French society, but it left several horrific and bad effects to the French people, especially for those who were guillotined. Despite of these impacts, there was a man who transformed French society to a new beginning. Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military and political leader, gained popularity because he was no ordinary man. His intelligence in his childhood, his heroism, his intellectual views to the new political organization, his aggression in expanding the empire, and his downfall make him an extraordinary man. First, his childhood and education mark a significant part in Napoleon’s life since he was intelligent. Born on August 15th, 1769 on the island of Corsica , Napoleon was a son of a “poor and pretentious” minor noble family. His father was a political opportunist and a lawyer and his mother was “beautiful and strong-willed” . As a child, Napoleon showed that he was a genius and that he knew about the politics during the French Revolution. He excelled in all subjects, including mathematics and he became obsessed with reading books about Alexander the Great and other rulers who had contributed to the history. Because of his great ability, he entered to the French military academy in 1779 in Brienne and in 1784 in Paris . After he finished his studies in Paris, he was promoted to become the second lieutenant in the artillery . As for being an extraordinary man, Napoleon Bonaparte exemplified his heroism in his rise to power. In 1973, he commanded French troops to attack the British army from Toulon. As a result, he became a hero during that time but unfortunately, he was arrested for treason . However, the huge political flexibility saved him so he became a hero again since he defended the government from angry counterrevolutionaries
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