Compare And Contrast The Haitian Revolution And The French Revolution

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The French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution were very significant in the course of human history. They were significant because they changed governments and the human rights in their respective nations. The people in France and Haiti wanted a new government in the form of a democracy. Both revolutions had many similarities and differences. The causes for both revolutions were similar because the poorest citizens of each country drove the need for the revolutions as those in higher power treated them with no dignity. Before the French Revolution, an inexperienced king, and an irresponsible queen ruled over the citizens of France. Food cost was high due to the poor crop season, and Antoinette gambled away what would be billions today.…show more content…
For starters, both revolutions were inspired by others. The French revolution was empowered by the American. News spread throughout the rest of the world that England’s American colony had overthrown their British government with a war. A period called "The Enlightenment" sparked the American Revolution. During this time, philosophers and lawmakers focused on basic human rights and creating a balanced government. Ideas from the Declaration of Independence which came from these philosophers, inspired the people of France to develop a sense of natural rights in French government. Since their current government gave the people very little natural rights, they rebelled. While the French Revolution was inspired by the American, the Haitian Revolution was inspired by the French. The previously mentioned “declaration for the rights of man” was written not only for France, but as an international guideline. The revolutionary idea of liberty for all was a desperate need for all of Saint Domingue, especially the slaves. Revolutionaries like Toussaint L’Overture adopted the ideas of the oppressed Third Estate to build their own revolutions against slave owners, and France…show more content…
France wasn’t as lucky. Unlike the Haitian Revolution, the French Revolution had minimal effect. After the Reign of Terror, Napoleon Bonaparte rose to authority. When he was in power, Napoleon only kept some of the ideas that were used in the French Revolution. For example he was for equality, but disregarded liberty. Napoleon started many wars for France, in hopes of gaining land. France did win some land, but more times than not France lost the wars, putting them into extreme war debt. Eventually, Napoleon lost his title as emperor, but the people assigned to fix his damage caused more trouble. The Congress of Vienna were meant to give the land taken back to their original nations and to put their rightful monarchs back into power. They did this, but they also set laws that brought France back to life before the rebellion was even thought of. The Haitian Revolution succeeded in all its goals, but France came full circle after a pointless
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