Why Is A Teacher Self Made Essay

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Some of the most successful people in world, say “I did it on my own, I was self-made”. Well that is totally wrong. Even the wealthiest and powerful people where affect by someone in their life, typically an adult. I’m motivated to become a person to help inspire children to grow up and know they can achieve any dream they think of. Many teachers have that influence and I want to follow in their footsteps, the ideal career would be teaching in grades in middle school. Many teachers that don’t teach middle school say it’s the worst grade level to teach. It may be tough because that is the stage where kids are trying to explore and don’t have one clue of what they want to do in the future. It’s a perfect time to influence the pre-teens in a positive way and show them all the opportunities that can lead them to…show more content…
Being a teacher does come with challenges, but as a teacher having patience and flexibility are key skills that I exhibit at my current job and that can help with challenging students. A teacher has to go in knowing, that not every student is the same. Each come from different cultures and upbringings that affect their behavior. They are those students that don’t listen, don’t do any work, and misbehave, well that’s not right for them to do that, a teacher can’t avoid it. A teacher has to understand there a hidden issues that play a part in the students and has to build relationships with those student so he or she could help them anyway possible. The skill of flexibility is key because not every student is as intelligent as the next. Knowing that each student learns at a different pace and in different ways, teachers have to adapt to what will make student learn better and be successful. Even if it requires a little extra time, young students can’t succeed on their own, they need guidance in their lives. And as a future teacher it’s our role to be there and guide students down the right
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