Effective Teaching Essay

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What it means to be an effective educator is that you are able to reach all of your learners and teach them in a way they can understand. This means planning for different kinds of learners for each lesson, and making time for small group instruction for those students who are not quite grasping the instructional content. It also means that the educator is patient and understanding. It is important, especially in early childhood, that the educator is patient because this is a whole new world to these kids, most of them are not used to being in school all day. So we have to take that into consideration, and make adjustments. Effective educators put their students needs first. I recently planned a lesson using shaving cream and a glue mix. I I am always right on time, and pace my lessons according to the schedule. I plan each activity with a decent amount of time this way if one part of the lesson goes over, those minutes can be used from another part that will not take as long. With a strict schedule in our classroom it is not wise to go over on any time, because then it will be taken from somewhere it is needed. So for my lessons, I make sure that we stay on a strict time schedule. One weakness I have would be classroom management. I often allow the students to tell a story not related to what we are learning in the middle of a lesson. I need to work on having them save it for brain break. They also like to blurt out if they need to tell me something, so I also need to work on the students raising their hands if they have something they need to say. When I teach I know the students are learning. I will often do quick informal formative checks, such as a thumb up or thumbs down if they are getting it. The majority of the students have their thumbs up. When I notice one who does not, I will ask them where they need clarification, and I can help that student right away before we get any further into instruction. I also administered a test I made and they all passed with a 100%. This was evidence that my students are learning what I am teaching. This made me so excited to see not only are they learning but they can apply their learning on the

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