Why Is A College Education Worth It Essay

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Is a College Education Worth It? There are many people who believe that once a student graduates from high school, they are going to attend college for a higher and better education. But there are also people that have stated their opinion that a college education is not worth the amount of money needed, just to earn a piece a paper. This argument can go back and forth but when you really think about it a college education is actually worth it in the long run. The biggest and most valuable thing someone can get from a college education would be a close family and more security to protect that family. Many things can come from a college education and some of those where stated in the College Board video “Five Ways, Ed Pays”. Having a close family is one and is something everyone wants and values the most. According to Five Ways, Ed Pays a college grad would most likely “Read to them” or even “Take their kids…show more content…
People say it is worthless and a waste of money to have their children attend college especially if they are still immature and only care about partying and getting as they say “Turnt up”. According to the article “With College, Only the Motivated Need Apply” the author had stated “The new reality is that sending immature children to adolescent amusement parks full of hot tubs, climbing walls, and food courts is a costly mistake that can ruin their lives”. But it is not anyone 's fault but their childs if they choose to mess up their education and party all night long. Like the article states “It depends on the kind of student you are talking about” the author points it out himself that not everyone has the same intentions when they are at college. Others actually go to college to get an education to have a better life once they are out of school. If they are not willing to learn, no one can help them. If they are determined to learn, no one can ever stop
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