Why I Want To Join The Military

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When I was younger I wanted to be a knight, a soldier of honor that protects the weak and is brave in the face of fear. But age changes what we want to be so I'm older now and I have found out that I can’t be a knight but I could be the modern day equivalent, an United States' Soldier. I'm a strong believer in the power of the people and the US. I feel like all citizens should join the military because they should fight for their country too. And since I joined JROTC, I discovered that I excel in this category of work. Now that I'm preparing for the job I love and I know I'm good at it, it gives me even more incentive to work that much harder to reach it. To start I like to begin with the reasons that I believe influence my decision to join and serve in the military. Since I was a child, I always wanted to play with G.I. Joes and I watched high school students that were in JROTC jog and P.T. after school on the way home. Playing with those toys and observing that comradery made me want to join and experience that also. Now in high school myself I signed up for JROTC and began to realize that this type of work is something that I excel in and I know that in the military it will be more difficult and challenging but I will accomplish that work too because I love the military and it won't be work for me because when you love what you do…show more content…
But freedom only lasts a generation because if your father fights for your freedom and his and you don't then that freedom dies. We, Americans, should all serve at least one "term" in the military because I feel like it's our duty, our responsibility to and that sense of patriotism I believe also makes me want to join. My way of thinking, well at least on this subject, is how a soldier thinks or should think because everyone in the military needs some sort of patriotism or why else are they serving their country and their

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