Why I Want To Be An Army Officer In The Military

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To save or not to save? From the moment I could remember I had a passion to help people. It started when I was a young girl riding in the car gazing out the window. Almost every car ride I would see a person on the side of the road asking for money. My heart sank every time we passed them. I remember one evening I saw a homeless person at a red light and asked my father could I give them my dollar, his response was no. I vowed to myself that day to never turn my kids down when they are offering a helping hand. Especially when no one is forcing them to do so. Ever since the day at the red light I had a soft spot for homeless people. I began storming up ideas to help them and I finally came up with the idea in high school to open up a homeless…show more content…
The most generic reason is for the money. I am not going to pretend that money is not one of the reasons I want to be an officer in the Army. However, this is not the first reason I wanted to join. In high school, I did not know the difference between enlisted soldiers and officers but I did know I wanted to go to college and in conjunction join the Army. I planned on going to college to become a clinical psychologist. I knew that soldiers suffered from PTSD and emotional disorders from war so post-doctoral degree I wanted to help soldiers with the disorders they developed from war. Another reason I want to become an Army officer is because I plan on giving back to my country. Many individuals complain about the U.S. but I love my country. I appreciate all that the veterans have done to get our country this far and I would like to repay my respects. The two biggest reasons I want to become an Army Officer are the experience and making a difference. To become a better leader we have to do the unusual and things that not many will and can do. Being in the armed forces is one of those unusual occurrences. The army can teach you many things not only about yourself but also how to deal with others in all parts of the world. I claimed many years ago that I was going to change the world. I may not change the whole world but I will change someone’s world. I want the knowledge I gain from the Army to help me make a difference

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