Why I Support Banning Smoking in Public Places

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Some businesses prefer that no one smoke cigarettes in any of their offices. Most governments have banned smoking in all public places. Based on personal experience, personality style and emotional concern, we find that some hold the notion that smoking in public places should be banned. Meanwhile, others want to be as free as possible and do as they please, as long as their actions do not violate the rights of others. From my point of view, it is more sensible to ban smoking in public places rather than allow second-hand smoke to continue to harm people nearby, who breathe in the smoke. The main reason for my partiality to banning smoking in public places is that second-hand smoke can cause disease as well as death in adults and children that do not smoke. For instance, smoking in offices, public restaurants, crowded elevators and government buildings is like playing Russian roulette. Smoke travels, it does not remain in the sections that are for smokers only. There is no way to control where the smoke goes unless it is banned from public places. Another reason can be seen by everyo...
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