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Smoking has become a big epidemic in the United States. As a tobacco free person, I want to be able to breathe clean air anywhere I go. As we know, smoking can harm every organ in the body (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). I believe that smoking should be banned in public places such as drinking establishments, hospitals, buses, train stations, and restaurants. Not only does smoking affect the individual smoker, it also causes a number of health problems, increases death rate, and it affects not only the lives, but the health of other people around them. On the contrary, smoking should be banned in public areas for these reasons.
Smoking is not only had for the internal environment, it is also bad for the internal organs as well. Smoking can cause a number of diseases and reduce overall health in smokers (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). When an individual smokes, they increase their chances of getting cancer not only in the lungs, but other organs such as the bladder, mouth, stomach, liver, colon and rectum, to name a few (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Smoking has also been known to cause leukemia. Every cigarette smoked affects breathing and causes scarring of the lungs (Be Tobacco Free). On the other hand, smoking increases a smoker’s chance of developing cardiovascular diseases due to smoking. They have a greater chance of developing hypertension (high blood pressure), strokes, heart attacks, aneurysms, etc. (American Heart Association). Chemicals in tobacco smoke harms blood cells and damages heart functions (Be Tobacco Free). On the contrary, a pregnant woman is at risk for harming not only herself, but her fetus before, during, and after birth (March of Dimes). When a woman smokes durin...

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...pact of quitting smoking would be an increase in their bank accounts. The money used for buying cigarettes and medical bills can really amount to something ( In my opinion, great rewards come to those who conquer and win the tough but struggling battles.
Even though I still want to be able to breathe clean air in an establishment that is smoke free, smoking will still be a big epidemic in this country. If smoking could be banned in drinking establishments, hospitals, buses, train stations, restaurants, etc., nonsmokers would be able to enjoy a smoke free environment wherever they go. Smokers also have the option to quit smoking. They can always get helpful tips and advice, along with using patches. In addition, the ban will help decrease health problems, lower death rates, and nonsmokers and former smokers will be able to live happy and healthy lives.

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