Why I Choose to Make Art that Is Uncomfortable, for Me and my Audience

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I produce in a labour intensive manner through the act of repetition, reduction, application, and various methodical processes. It is important to me to commit and invest time in to my practice, while working with materials that correlate to the subject matter. I tend to extract my own history, using experiences of trauma and personal growth as a foundation upon which to work. I am currently interested in the space between private and public, the domestic domain and confines of a gallery. I desire to expand my practice to work in the future that creates an interactive or communal space where the art, within site specific or public locations, is created by involving the audience.

There are many artists that have had an impact on my practice and means of making art who work with various mediums. Their practices involve processes important to the production of their work, and conceptual aspects that influence me. Elements of performance and feminism appear in my practice governed by my choice of media, materials, concept, context, intention, form and technique. The combination of external influences and internal creation has helped development in my practice.

Historically feminism in the 60s and 70s changed and challenged systems where “the conviction that gender has been, and continues to be, a fundamental category for the organization of culture. Moreover, the pattern of that organization usually favours men over women.” (Phelan18) To me feminism is a very broad term, but I consider it to be the liberation and pride in being a woman. To make work that overcomes stereotypes, the divides of gender roles and illusion of power structures, forming equality. There is an unnecessary guilt forced on women to be or act a certain ...

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...ur intensive processes and performance, and am intent on opening up my practice to new materials and means of producing work.

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