The Challenges Of Feminism In The 1960's

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“Feminism is both an intellectual commitment and a political movement that seeks justice for women and the end of sexism in all forms” (Baptiste). Just as in the past, feminism continues to act as a controversial issue among men and women. In the 1960’s, women finally addressed workplace inequity and created woman organizations to achieve equality. In the early 1960’s, the Equal Pay Act and the Civil Rights Act set a milestone for women’s progression towards work equality. Though women have made great leaps towards true equality, women still face many challenges and continue to be categorized as the subservient gender. In the early 1950’s, popular television shows such as Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best, portrayed perfect housewives,…show more content…
Feminists must approach the subject with great care in order to prove to others that the feminist movement is not a matriarchy movement, but rather an equality movement, meaning that there must be an agenda for feminists in business. At the National Women’s Conference in 1977, feminists gathered in order to create a plan of action to eliminate workplace discrimination. According to the conference, women believed that they should focus on equality, economic justice, affirmative action, employee benefits, work environment, and corporate responsibility. In the subsection of corporate responsibility a point is noted to “ Adopt a comprehensive policy for the positive portrayal of women in diverse roles in corporate sponsored media, advertising, and communications” (Feminist Agenda for Women in Business). This comes to emphasize the misrepresentation of women and the negative connotation that many associate with feminism, a point made by Michelle Smith in her article “I’m not a feminist, but…”: Feminism and Identity in Australia. According to the Feminist Majority Foundation, it is necessary for women to have a plan in order to effectively establish feminism in a…show more content…
While women continue to be ranked as the weaker sex by popular opinion, feminists have bright hopes in a change towards their liberation. As Rebecca Solnit stated, “feminism has just started and it’s not stopping now. We are witnessing a full-fledged war, not of the sexes but of gender roles”(Solnit). Feminism and the right to equality has been a long and arduous struggle for women before the Civil Rights Act. The Feminine Mystique sparked a change, questioning society, which continues today as women fight for equal treatment regardless of laws that claim for their protection. Feminists will continue to fight for the day where women will be treated as equals, where there will be no gender bias, and for the day when a woman can state her mind, just as her male counterpart, without being called an uptight
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