First Wave Feminism Essay

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Feminism is the movement towards women’s equality. It fights for equal rights in the social, political, cultural and economical aspects for women. Feminism also fights for equal opportunity for women in employment and education. A feminist is someone who advocates their support for women’s rights but is not restricted to only women; anyone who supports women’s rights and equality are feminists, including men. Feminism is not only about the females, it fights for gender equality for all. Feminist movements, or Women’s movements, campaign for reforms in household issues with domestic violence, political issues with equal pay, employment and maternity leave, and reproduction rights. All feminism movements fight for equal rights, but it cannot be conquered or be made known all at once. First wave feminism was mostly about women’s suffrage and political equality in general. Second wave feminism went more in depth about the social and cultural inequalities. The first wave feminism…show more content…
It held the first American women’s rights convention in July called the Seneca Falls Convention in Ney York. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott met with local feminists to organize this convention. The convention was mostly to raise awareness and to show their point of view as a woman in 1800s America. The Declaration of Sentiments was based off of the Declaration of Independence and was signed by one-third of the total attendees of the convention. About one-third of all the signers were men. Its sentiments were most of the things that men in general has been doing that violates what was felt as basic human rights for the women. It was basically a list of what “he” denies, deprives, monopolizes and withholds from “her.” This document opened the eyes of many attendees to what truly was happening. Just because the men’s actions were the norm, does not make it right. The Declaration of sentiments highlights that very

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