Why Hybrid Cars Should Not Be Purchased

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As the gas price is rising up to 140 cents per litre in Canada, many people switch their vehicle to gasoline-electric hybrid car to gain savings from the better fuel efficiency. Many potential consumers for hybrid vehicle and hybrid vehicle owners think that the hybrid system is worth the extra penny due to better fuel economy. However, the realistic is that it has higher maintenance despite of its outstanding fuel economy figures. In fact, the hybrids cause more environmental damage than conventional petro powered vehicles and there are better alternatives. Therefore, hybrids should not be on consumers’ shopping list due to a numerous negative facts that consumers are unaware of.

Many Automobile manufactures want consumers to believe that hybrids are cheaper to maintain despite of its higher MSRP or Manufacture’s Suggested Retail Price. Therefore, many people assume hybrids pay off at every pump at gas station which eventually will cover the higher purchase price. However, that is not the case. As a comparison, Toyota Camry LE has base price of $23,700 whereas Hybrid is $3300 more expensive than base Camry to get all the hybrid technology. According to, there will be a difference in ownership cost after four years of purchase for hybrid vehicles. Therefore, leasing consumer would lose money which they believe they gain back. Also, if the comparison is between two luxury sedans such as Lexus LS 460 and LS 600h, it would take it would take 102.6 years to make up the difference (HowStuffWorks). Also in long run, which most of the Canadians choose to do with their car, the nickel hydride battery pack will have to be replaced. Although, many manufactures offer 160,000km or 8 years for hybrid components warranty (

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