Christianity and the Economic Impact of the Automotive Industry on Canada

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In many ways, the automotive industry has huge impacts on Canada. The impact it has creates jobs, and services. It also boosts economy and contributes to its success. Over the last two decades, the automotive industry has been a leading contributor to Canada’s economy and is a primary factor as to whether or not the economy will be successful. There are many contributing branches of the sector that allow it to be successful. This is shown through the production and manufacturing of vehicles, as well as the sale of the vehicles. The automotive industry has had a significant impact on Canada’s economy over the last 10 years. If the production and sale of domestic vehicles were to decline, Canada’s economy to be severely crippled and fall back into a recession. Canada’s automotive industry was officially declared in 1914. At this point in time, Canada did not have its own car companies. Instead Canada assembled and sold cars for the US who had established their own automotive industry just a few years before Canada. By the 1920s, the automotive industry in Canada had really hit its stride and was well on its way to success. It had grown so rapidly that Canada became the second largest producer of vehicles in the world. This success came about because Canadians were buying tens of thousands of cars. Canada wasn’t just making them for Canadian citizens, but for the world. At times, nearly fifty percent of Canada’s vehicle output was exported. During the Great Depression, every work place was hit hard and many were out of work. The demand for vehicles declined, and the automotive industry took a hit. Once the Second World War began, the automotive industry was given a push in the right direction, and their vehicle production flourished... ... middle of paper ... ...n, David. “The Advantages of Buying a New or Used Vehicle.” Car and Driver. May 2009. Heart Communications, Inc. November 24, 2013. Bird, Colin. “Should I Pay Cash, Lease or Finance My New Car?” May 5, 2013. November 24, 2013. “Frequently Asked Questions.” CAW TCA Canada. 2007. CAW/TCA Canadian Auto Workers. November 24, 2013. Thibault, Laurent J. “Manufacturing.” Historica-Domain. 2012. The Canadian Encyclopedia. November 25, 2013. Hatch, Michael.

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