Hybrid Cars Essay

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Hybrid cars and trucks are beginning to become very popular in our day of time. The inventor and the founder of the hybrid car was Robert Anderson. Anderson was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. He invented the vehicle in 1839. The hybrid vehicles get better gas mileage than most of the older cars and trucks. Most of the new vehicles that are being made today are some sort of hybrid or ecoboost vehicle. Almost all of your car manufacturers today are trying to create new vehicles that conserve gas which is green to the environment. Gas efficient cars are now taking over diesel car and trucks. Diesel cars and trucks usually get pretty bad gas mileage. Most of the big older trucks have a diesel engine in them. Most of the owners of a diesel vehicle usually don’t drive the vehicle much anymore because of horrible gas and diesel prices this day in time.
Bad gas prices are causing more car companies to make more hybrid cars to save people money in the long run. Not all diesels are gas guzzlers. Most of the new diesel trucks get a lot better gas mileage now than they did ten years or so ago. Volkswagen is now beginning to make this new car that has a Turbo Diesel Injection Clean Diesel motor in it. Unlike old diesel engines, this one is more modern to get better gas mileage and be cleaner to the environment. This new car that they have invented gets much better gas mileage than the older diesel engines that were in old trucks and cars.
Vehicles in this day and time are nothing like what they used to be. Over half of the car manufacturers are now trying to build new cars and trucks to be as fuel efficient as they can be. Although hybrids conserve more gas than standard vehicles do, they use gas, also. Hybrids do not use as much gas as the ol...

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...o an electric outlet to recharge the vehicle while it is parked. One great thing about this hybrid is the ability to travel in all electric mode for most short trips. This conserves the gas in the gasoline engine for longer drives. This feature helps boost fuel economy into 100 mpg territory. Not only is the Volt a plug-in hybrid, but so are the Ford Fusion Energi, Toyota Prius, and Honda Accord.
There are more hybrids than these. However, these are some examples. As battery technology improves, car batteries will get smaller. They will become more fuel efficient and less expensive. Some people think that the plug-in hybrids will become the most dominant hybrid of all. Since hybrid cars use more than one fuel source, they are extremely complex. It is possible that a more simple automotive technology, such as the electric vehicle, could make hybrid cars obsolete.
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