Hybrid Cars

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These cars operate from a rechargeable battery and gasoline. The engines are smaller so that they will be able to accommodate the 99% of time when the car is not going uphill or accelerating quickly. The battery is used to give extra acceleration power if needed. When the car is stopped, hybrid gasoline motors can shut off and run off their electric motor and battery. These cars are aerodynamic and the tires are often stiffer and inflated higher to reduce dragging.

According to a November 16, 2004 article written in the parents magazine, hybrid cars are no different from the gas powered car. It can accelerate just as quickly and travel just as fast on the highway and they are just as safe to drive. When the car comes to a complete stop, the engine shuts down completely and starts up again when the accelerator is pressed. Therefore, gas is not wasted and toxins are not emitted.

There are 3 popular hybrids on the market today which are the Honda Insight coupe, Toyota Prius four door hatchback and the Honda Civic hybrid Sedan. There are 6 new hybrid models on the way to the market which will give families a larger selection to choose from. These cars will allow consumers to save on gas. The consumer gets more miles per gallon with the Hybrid car. These cars can go 600 miles before having to refuel with gasoline which will decrease the amount of money that the consumer will have to pay for filling the gas tank. Also, these cars produce about 90 percent fewer smog-forming tailpipe emissions compared with the average new car, according to Dave Hermance, head of Environmental Engineering for Toyota. Purchasing these cars will also allow the consumer to receive a tax break of $1,500. The price of these cars are no...

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...ill increase and the manufacturers will have to increase production. Interest rate is another factor that impact demand for this car. If the interest rate is low, more consumers will be able to purchase the car because the monthly payments will be low. However, if the interest rate is high, this will cause the monthly payments to be higher which may cause demand for cars to decrease. The forecasts that I would use for these indicators are, and These economic forecasts can be used to predict future demands.

Due to the constant rise in gas prices, Hybrid cars have become a hot item in today's economy. Although the Hybrid cars are more expensive than the conventional cars the rapid increase in gasoline prices will allow the consumer to make up the difference and save money by having to make fewer trips to the gas pump.
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