DBQ Essay: Chesapeake And New England

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DBQ Essay Chesapeake and New England People from England started colonizing America. And they went there with different motivations in mind. Some were going there in order to gain a fortune and be able to live happily. Those people settled in the South and created the colony Chesapeake. Others were going to America in order to gain religious freedom from the Church of England. Those people settled in the North and created New England. The different motivations for moving to America is why the two colonies developed into completely different societies, despite the fact that they were all from the England. These differences led to sectionalism between the North and South, and eventually led to war breaking out over the morals of having slaves (The Civil War). On the ship Arbella, John Winthrop wrote a book called the Model of Christian Charity, stating that people should help each other, because it is God’s will (Document A). This document was meant for the people he was going to be living around, and since the ship Arbella docked in New England, it is easy to deduce that he is going to be…show more content…
The reason behind the document was to build a strong community where everyone helped each other out. It wouldn’t matter whether the person was rich or not. So, having slaves would be unacceptable with the conditions set. Having slaves, especially ones that are poorly treated would be breaking the Articles of Agreement set by God himself. So, people started slowly helping slaves escape to the North with the Underground Railroad such as Thomas Garrett, who was a conductor from the middle colonies. This eventually led to the North fighting the Civil War against the Southern colonies, hoping to free all the
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