The Person I Am Essay

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Certain events in my life have molded me to be the person I am today, and define what is unique about me. As a young child I had no respect for others, and could never fully grasp the concept of how people besides myself have feelings, and emotions that matter. I, of course changed this major flaw of mine over time, and matured in to the man I am today, but it was a long road getting here. I wasn’t a sadist, or a psychopath, I just never understood the realm of emotions everyone feels.
Nothing dramatic has ever happened to me, I was never bullied, I never lost any loved one, so I never knew what real agony, and what hurt felt like. Until my parents got divorced. I did not get why they were doing it, or why they could so easily break apart
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I pitied him, but I was never discreet with my thoughts back then. He once asked me why all the other kids made such fun of him, and I asked if I really thought he was fat or not. Me, being the egotistical kid I was, said yes you are fat. He ran away from me crying, and he ditched me as a friend. After seeing how hurt he was, I realized just how awful I was. It took me an entire month to work up the courage to apologize to him, but our friendship was never the same. This event in particular changed my life’s perspective. It showed me how simple it is to be a dick, and how I was not going to live my life being that person. Keep in mind I was only in second grade so it was only just the beginning but, I do sometimes still look back at this moment, and become proud of the person I eventually have…show more content…
My Sophomore year I had been dating a very special girl for almost a year when I did the unspeakable to her. I cheated on her with a friend of ours for the period of a month. In that month I was not thinking about what I was doing or how badly she would be hurt if she ever found out. I forgot about all of the emotions attached to this situation, and just let my sixteen hormones take over. She eventually found out, and it destroyed her. How could someone she loved so much do something so awful. This was the first time I had broke down since my parents spilt up. The day she found out I drove her home from school, and she seemed so emotionless, so empty on the inside. I didn’t get how I did this to her. The moment I heard “I’m breaking up with you” was the moment I profusely began crying, and it went on for an hour. Even though she was the one hurting, she held me the entire time trying to comfort me the best she could. She made me realize how deep a persons kindness should go, she changed me into knowing how much it matters to take into account other people’s feelings. She taught me the generosity necessary to be a good human, a great human
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