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Me The Person Who am I? I would say I am a hardworking, dependable and committed individual I try my hardest on everything, even if I 'm not good at it or don’t know a thing about it. I am always willing to give it a shot and get out there and learn something new. My motivation to move forward with my career would be my family because they have always been there for me and want to see me succeed in life and I want to show them that they can have faith in me to be the best that I can be and be proud of me for trying to succeed in my career. The things I value the most would be my schooling because, without schooling, I wouldn 't be able to be in the health science and try and become a nurse, schooling to me is everything, especially Being…show more content…
Making sure you are passing all of your work, but also enjoying yourself. It 's bound to get hard at points but you have to remember at the end of the day that you have to keep going to where you want to get in life. My hopes would be to stay at MCC finish my gen Eds and get into the MCC nursing program to further my career. I do have some fears of not being able to get the chance in getting into the MCC nursing program, but if I try my hardest and worry about my schooling then I should be able to make my goals in life. being in school is not easy, but if it were easy then what would we be learning? nothing. Even though this is my first year in college, I am honestly enjoying being at Manchester community college, I 'm glad I decided to pick MCC to further my education in the career I have chosen because they have been very helpful with tips that I need to learn to better myself as a college student they have even helped me financially with classes, but the most important thing that MCC has offered to me as being a first year college student not knowing what direction I need to go in, is getting a lot of help from the advisors. The advisors honestly help you out a lot and want to see you succeed and try their best to put you in the best-suited
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