Wheaton Admissions Essay

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Looking back in time, I realize that God set the stage for me working with multi-ethnic ministry by ordering each step and influencing every endeavor. For over thirty years, I educated a broad sector of Illinois public school children representative of different economic, racial, cultural and environmental backgrounds.

After a car accident three years ago, God used the recovery period to hone my old skills and birth new. Over the course of the process, He repositioned me for a different journey. The new path led to a transition from a secular K-12 setting to Christian higher education; yet, still within the context of supporting a diverse student population. My purpose became preparing and teaching ministerial leadership in a multi-ethnic church, “bridging the gap leadership.” In fulfilling God’s will and direction, I was led to me apply to graduate school.

While I hold a strong credo concerning access to education for all learners, I feel as fervent regarding continual development for educators. One’s pursuit of content knowledge and pedagogy assist in maintaining a fresh perspective and development as a professional. More importantly, I am a teaching pastor and have the additional responsibility of serving and shepherding students. In Luke 12:48, Jesus says, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” My role as a teacher is to prepare elders and pastors, one of which I take very seriously and want to do my best.

I have a threefold purpose in applying to the MA in Ministry program. The first is personal and involves pastoral development in responding to multi-ethnic populations within and outside the church. While I teach and e...

... middle of paper ... will not occur in isolation, rather in the confines of a community and culture of learners.

One should continually quest for spiritual growth and the practice of grace-full leadership. Ultimately, let me fight the good fight of faith, (1Timothy 1:18; 6:12, King James Version). I hunger for Christ and seek His presence in every facet of my life. I strive to deepen my spiritual habits to support my walk in Him. I want to fellowship with other Christians, learning from and sharing with them.

My application to Wesley Seminar is an important step for me in the next phase of my own learning process. Growing pastorally, professionally and in grace-full leadership will enable me to connect with key areas of development throughout my graduate studies. Ultimately, what I learn will better equip me to fulfill the Great Commission and do so leading like Jesus.
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