What´s Sustainability?

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Sustainability is a term that covers a very broad concept. Everything that is related to the environment, ecology, how to live responsibly in society and concern for the future can be grouped under this concept. To describe this term, often refers to the rule of three Ps: People, Planet and Profit. The goal of sustainability is that these three elements can be balanced .On the one hand, the individual wants to make money and enjoy the well-being it brings. At the same time, we must also ensure that other individuals and the environment do not suffer. Otherwise, it would mean that the common future of humanity is in danger. If we eat more than what the planet can support, we abuse it and we deplete natural resources faster than it can produce. To calculate whether a person, company, country, product... is sufficiently durable, often uses the term ' ecological footprint ‘(link building). How precisely define sustainability with a clear definition. The World Commission on Environment and Development (Link to the website of the committee) of the United Nations makes the following definition in its report 'Our Common Future.”Sustainable development is linked to contemporary needs without compromising development and endangers the specific needs of future generations.’’
Without going back over the history of this company, we remember that this is a new company, founded in 1984. It has quickly positioned in a particular way in the market as it has opted for the direct marketing and offered its customers to configure their machines themselves. We will build on the experience of Dell to offer a complete case study that will allow us to understand concretely how the multinational has responded to market changes; including, remember, f...

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... all of its environmental policy, which I have tried to make during my research. Some of my proposals were implemented; others are still at the stage of reflection. Thus, Codalis hired a specialist sustainable development to continue in business process. It should also be noted that investing in sustainable development is not synonymous with a loss of money since even short-term investments can be recouped. For example, the solution to the 100% electric car analyzed in this work allowed a very significant financial gain, even if the investment seems excessive at first. This work has enabled me to perceive the extent of ecological solutions that exist this day and continues to grow. Attitudes are changing and the world is moving gently towards a more humane and environmentally friendly world. There However much to do and I sincerely hope that we are on the right path
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