What Makes A Philosophy Of Life?

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Everybody has a philosophy of life. Philosophy is all about wonder, wisdom, a dynamic process, and truth however, there is not one single definition for these components. Everyone wonders in their own paths, have their own level of intelligence, different opinions leading to many truths. These components make us have our own moral beliefs that influences our choice and behavior toward others and determines what is the “right” thing to do.

Ethics is the study of moral values and principles that tell us the difference between good and evil in this world (Chaffee, 30). Personal experiences guide me to which choices should be made such as past mistakes tell me what is wrong and what is to avoid. When I am asked to do something or go somewhere, I tend to make decisions based on my own personal beliefs. Growing up with asian parents, I have to ask myself if they will be proud before I make any step forward. Education means a lot to me and I would never do anything that might take it away from me. My parents taught me what is right/wrong and I was given ethics from them. As an adult, I nee...
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