What Is Workplace Diversity Essay

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Workplace diversity is having different people of different cultures, different languages, nationalities, and races, all working in an organization. When there is workplace diversity people are able to handle different types of situations because they probably handled a certain problem before so many times from where they come from. Throughout the years businesses have adapted to having more diversity in the workplace because of the benefits it offers. Workplace diversity helps organizations be productive, it builds a strong economy, and brings greater innovation, and moreover it leads to an organization making a profit.
A diverse economy is a strong economy. Organizations with a diverse workforce can compete in the ever growing economy (Ingram,
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It improves understanding of your customer’s needs, a recent research suggests that customers differ in their value to a firm, this means customers may value a firm by its discounts, warranty and customer service and so on. The more diverse the workforce is the more understanding of customer needs, an employee with the same background as a customer may understand the customer which is employees empathizing with customers. Different ways of thinking increases productivity, employees may handle a problem or situation in different ways since every individual has their own way of thinking and handling a situation. With the different ways of thinking brings solutions that will get the company going. When an employee is good at something for example presentation skills, he or she may help someone which is not so good at it. Learning from each other and supporting each other leads to high morale and employee satisfaction. Greater Innovation and creativity, new ideas and skills are brought by different employees into the organization which increases employees to practice what they are good at such as talents; drawing for example. This will create creativity and production as well. When there is an increase in skills it enables an individual to master something in the organization. When there are challenges they can be overcome with the mastering and increase in skills. There will be a lot of opportunities due to the ever increasing growth in the market. A greater diversity within the workforce increases your company’s ability to succeed regardless of what may come
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