What Is The Thought Of Human Nature Is Complex?

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1. All humans in this world possess their own beliefs. Miraculously, some of these beliefs are shared among individuals, even individuals from different cultures. These beliefs are slowly changing, however, with new developments in technology. With new discoveries, previous thoughts about how certain elements of the world operate are changing. Traditional beliefs are beginning to collide with modern knowledge according to Michael Gazzangia. The element that he is concerned with is where humans obtain a sense of morals. Many have their own ideas and beliefs of where these morals originate from. As technology is advancing, however, these theories are being tested; a clearer understanding of morals is starting to surface. Examining the …show more content…

The thought of human nature is very complex. There are many elements that are often considered to be part of human nature: engaging in sexual behavior, providing food for consumption, and caring for the wellbeing of others. It cannot be said with great certainty, however, if humans are predisposed with such natural instincts. Learning to read or ride a bicycle are action that are humans are taught. Human are not born with the knowledge to become a doctor, but can be taught this information. Human are, however born with the knowledge to breath and do not need to be taught such a skill. These ideas are often discussed in the debate of nature verses nurture. The nature point of view beliefs that humans are born with natural instincts; the genes of humans contain them. The opposite point of view of nurture believes the actions of humans derive from their experiences with society and the environment. Neither of these theories, however, can be proven. It is impossible to study an individual’s behavior without being exposed to society and the environment. The existence of human nature is difficult to determine because of the wide range of influences. A small portion of human nature must exist because of the previous knowledge that infants have of knowing to breathe and cry. They are not taught these actions, which results in a natural instinct. Human nature exists to an extent, but all actions cannot originate from

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