What Is The Purpose Of The Industrial Revolution In World History By Peter Stearns

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The book The Industrial Revolution in World History by Peter Stearns deals with the unfolding of the Industrial Revolution. Apart from that, it deals with the key topics that promoted it around the world, how it changed the world, and the deterioration of the worker while working there, thus dealing with World History. All of this then focuses on the change from an agrarian society to a industrial based society. The author’s purpose was to give a more detailed analysis of the Industrial Revolution. Stearns uses journal entries of people who lived during the era as primary sources and as a way into transport the reader back in time. The novel The Industrial Revolution in World History discusses how the Industrial Revolution influenced many countries such as Britain, United States, Japan, …show more content…

The author focuses a lot on the human side of the Industrial Revolution, something that most of us ignore completely at times. The author focuses a lot in the wear and tear of the human and how the industrialization affected the worker’s life, health condition, and family. The Industrial Revolution changed ideals in labor. For example, it was socially accepted for a child to work but after the Industrial Revolution that changed. Stearns describes the conditions they lived in, “ Shifts of children worked day and night...Not surprisingly, some children commited suicide, having been driven to physical and emotional despair.” By describing the conditions, Stearns helps the reader visualize the conditions that the children lived in. Stearns, not only describes the work life of a child, but also of the female worker. “ Factory recruiters contracted with fathers and brothers...giving them a fee for the commitment of a daughter or sister…” , writes Stearns. Using this imagery, the author appeals to the reader’s emotions and makes the reader put him/herself in the shoes of the child, figuratively

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