What Is Solid Waste Essay

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Solid Waste
Solid waste, are the things you throw any were it may be solid or liquid it’s still considered as solid waste. What is solid waste? Solid waste are the trash you’ve been making your whole life and as I’ve said before all the things you throw are considered solid waste, here are some examples of solid waste. Waste tires, septage management, scrap metal, latex paints, furniture and toys, garbage appliances, and vehicles oil and anti-freeze empty aerosol cans. Solid waste can also clog canal that are used for lessening the amount of water when it rain, it can also damage our ozone layer as you know the thinner it gets the lesser oxygen is left. Solid-waste management, the compilation, managing, and disposing of solid items
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Such as general domestic garbage, food waste, ash and packaging materials, human manure, emergency waste like plastic and paper, remains from disaster, mud and dirt that came from natural disaster, and many more.
The ordinance prohibits dumping of garbage anywhere other than those recognized and established garbage facilities, dumping of unclean and unsegregated waste, discharging of human dirt along the creeks and rivers, throwing of wastes in creeks, rivers, public places such as roads, sidewalks and establishments, and burning of garbage that are non-biodegradable wastes. It also requires residents to practice separating of wastes. Reusable solid wastes such as bottles, plastics, cellophanes and papers shall be brought to the community material recovery facility duly segregated or directly to the agent-buyers. Non-recyclable materials and special solid wastes will be brought to the material recovery facility, while hazardous wastes or chemicals will be disposed in coordination with concerned government agencies according to prescribed methods. The local government is responsible for collecting reusable, recyclable and non-biodegradable waste materials from the material recovery facilities; and transporting them to the recycling centers and or to the municipal material recovery facility. Collection of segregated solid wastes is scheduled per

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