Effects Of Solid Waste Essay

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Solid waste can be classified in different types, depending on their source, household waste is generally classified as municipal waste; industrial waste as hazardous waste or hospital waste as infections waste. It quite obvious that South Africa environment is deteriorated by the illegal dumping area that around here. Solid waste is a major problem this country is facing at the moment. The province that is experience this major problem is Gauteng province, this an urban area am taking about, and since it’s clear that over population is the cause of the problem. Gauteng province is an over populated than rural area .solid waste pollution is refuse or garbage that people use in their everyday life in their house, such as plastic
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Solid waste pollution will always be an issue as long as human population increases everyday .solid waste is not only cause by household only, the industries as well have hand on environment pollution. And due to improper disposal system solid waste end up on the road. Solid waste have a huge effect on human life and can also cause death in animals as well, as people clean their houses everyday litter their trash everywhere this problem will not stop. But the most dangerous waste are those coming from the industries, because those waste end up in stream, rivers where it poisonous and have bad impact on the marine life. Industrial waste are the source of toxic metal and hazardous waste that effect soil characteristic and productivity of soil when dumped in ground. And the problem lies where some of the waste do not decompose. These solid waste are hazardous, Pesticides poisonous which is not health and life threatening to both humans and animals. People are very much aware of recycling to reduce pollution yet they still fail in doing so. Silt build in freshwater water ecosystems, caused by the unnecessarily agricultural activities smothers aquatic organisms. To reduce solid waste they should be recycled in such a way that do not harm the both the environment, water, air and human health. There are animals such as…show more content…
The thrown plastic, pampers and other product block water in the stream near the settlement which helps create habitat for the harmful species to breed in them, species such as mosquitoes that causes malaria and other disease such as cancer ,asthma and neurological disease. All those disease is dangerous disease to young children even in adult, in my opinion the high rate of mortality in South Africa is mainly cause by dirty. Uncollected waste obstructs the storm water runoff resulting in flood. Causes low birth weight, like in tembisa the is goats and horses moving the street in search of food, and they end up eating plastic bag on the ground thinking it food and that lead to death animals. Sewage in aquatic animals causes eutrophication silt build up in fresh
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