What Is Racial Profiling?

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Racism, discrimination, prejudice, and hatred are the things that stain law enforcement around the world. Blacks who are stopped by police fear that justice is never on their side. Racial profiling puts a dent in the trust between young black males and the police. Racial profiling is when an individual or group is treated a certain way because of the skin color. Researchers agree on the causes and perimeters, of racial profiling, there is no solution methods widely accepted. Young black men have been victimized for years because of their race and suspensions. Racial profiling is detrimental to the black community. Racial profiling by police makes it difficult for black drivers because of the bias that comes from being stopped by a white police…show more content…
According to Hudson, (2015, p.1) Palestine, Texas is making their officers strap themselves with body cameras and train their officers to recognize citizens are the ones to protect and serve. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, the police are in training to help them adopt ways to help them communicate with the citizens for a positive encounter which is called Contact Theory (p.1). The training will help them with being respectful, and with their body language on their approach of a citizen in hopes that this will improve relationships and eliminate subconscious…show more content…
civil rights movement, and beyond, all affected the mindset of black drivers (Bell, Hopson, Craig, & Robinson, 2014, p.39). The looting, vandalizing, and negative protest have cost this country tremendous amount of money to rebuild a community. Some citizens retaliated because they felt justice is not on their side. Research has shown that in the future laws will be put into place to protect minorities, but did not give an immediate solution to the
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