What Is Friendship Essay

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Final Paper: Friendship
The topic of friendship can be explained in different forms. A friend is an important figure in the life of a human being. Moreover, a person is not limited to any boundaries of friendship. Therefore, they can have people and animals as close and influential characters in their lives. Having a friend leads to a person developing virtues which are rare to get when one is alone or in the midst of strangers. Aristotle helps us to understand the issue of friendship not as an actor but as a living encounter with the right group or partner. It is a situation through which the best of a person is expressed.
Virtue is the positive development which will happen to a person who manages to get a good friend. True friends are always
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Parties have to be concerned with the noble insofar as they are virtuous. Virtuous friends associate with the other person on account of their goodness and resemble each other in their virtues and their moral compasses are aligned. This is different from unequal friendship where the feelings and virtue are not reciprocated making friendships of virtue a unique guide in the pursuit of higher ideals in life.
Types of friendship compare in various ways. First, both the utility and pleasure friendships have a comparison with the complete form of friendship. The complete friendship has the characteristics of the pleasant for of friends. A complete friend has to be pleasing. They have the nature of providing joy and goodness wherever they are and they get the same in return. Therefore, being pleasant is an ingredient that is necessary for complete friends. Also, a good and genuine friend feels obliged to provide. This is the aspect of
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This is where the aspect of utility in friendship becomes a reality. Therefore, a complete friend falls into the categories of utility and pleasure. The difference is that they know how to balance the two and also reciprocate for their friends to get a similar share.
The state factor in friendship is very important. The people who form the friendship can have a good or bad state. This brings the difference between people and the nature of friendships that are established. The state of joy in a friendship is formed and cultivated through their activities and encounters. Therefore, it is possible for people to break friendship because of a particular state.
The activities that contribute to a firm relationship between people become the states at which the relationships are formed. Similarly, activities contribute to the nature of the relationship. When people have good and positive activities, their relationship is likely to withstand any difficult times and flourish. The situations where there are bad or no activities at all risk the breaking of the
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