Friendships And Social Friends: The Three Major Types Of Friends

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When you spend time with friends you will notice that each one has a special personality that is different from anyone else. Friends have different traits and characteristics that create their individual personalities. For example, a good friend will show signs of a sense of humor, great advice, and honesty. Friends are very important to have in our lives because they are the backbone and support system when we face obstacles that are tough in our lives. Furthermore, friends are always there to love and comfort us through those hard times; showing their respect, honesty, loyalty, and care. There are three major types of friends, acquaintances, social friends, and best friends. Individuals inside of these major types has their own characteristics…show more content…
You share a deeper level of interaction and communication with your social circle. People in your social circle know more about your personal life and you manage to catch up with each other once in a while and talk as if time has not passed by, even after months of being away from each other. Your social circle will support you no matter what your endeavors are and want to spend extra time with you. The friends in your social circle, share the same common interests and enjoy learning deeper aspects of your life. You can tell the difference between an acquaintance and a social friend because social friends are so happy when you are happy, even if they are not completely fond of or completely agree with all of your decisions in your life. A social friend is someone who may ask for favors, but will also complete favors for you in return. They may need something, or talk to you about a problem they are facing, but they in return ask you about your problems and try to assist you. True friends are those who really spend time with you, enjoy long one-on-one talks with you, and enjoy visiting your…show more content…
Your best friends, unlike your social circle, will not only be complimentary, but will always give you honest feedback. Best friends are in contact with each other every day and both work toward their friendship goals to allow it to continue down a healthy path of friendship. When something serious happens in your life, your best friend will sympathize and empathize with you, and then help you figure out how to fix it and move on. Best friends will give you advice when you really need it and are honest about their opinions. Loyalty, honesty, and commitment are the top priorities of a growing best friendship. Friends in your social circle can not keep secrets from others, but you can confide in your best friends about anything and they know everything about your life: the good, the bad, and the

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