Cicero Vs. Cicero And Aristotle's Views On Friendship

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I would define friendship as complete trust and love between two people. Many people believe that this kind of behavior is reciprocated between two individuals without any expectations. A friend is someone who also provides you with support and whom you can rely on to celebrate special moments with. A friend also comes with many great attributes; such as loyalty, honesty, compassion, trust, and morality. Today’s friend is viewed as someone who shares happiness, common values, history, and equality with another. For example, Aristotle and Cicero both wrote dialogues about friendship and its significance on mankind. Therefore, the key issues that will be discussed are: their views on the similarities of friendship, the differences between friends, and which philosopher I favor more. The major philosophical studies of friendship are the naturalness of friendship, the possibility of selflessness, and the state of friendship. Aristotle believed that friendship consists of three categories. The three categories are utility, pleasure and perfect friendship. Utility is considered to be temporary and changes depending on the situation. This type of friend is not an ideal one because he or she is only useful when the given situation benefits one or more persons in the friendships. When you are no longer able to render services the friendship ceases to exist. “Those who love for utility or pleasure, then, are fond of a friend because of what is good or pleasant for themselves, not insofar as the beloved is who he is, but insofar as he is useful or pleasant” (Nichomachean Ethics, VIII.3). Those engaged in this type of friendship seek only gain and profit. A friendship based on pleasure is the enjoyment of something. I believe pleasure is i... ... middle of paper ... ...any ulterior motives. Familiarity is very important to a relationship because when you are familiar with someone you tend to understand them better. We all are entitled to our own opinions and Cicero’s laws on friendship is better than Aristotle’s because Cicero is does not believe that there are categories to a friendship like Aristotle mentions. I agree with Cicero, moral people along with another moral individual make a good friendship. Simply because bad influences can contaminate a person, and if one is contaminated how will you steer another in the right direction. I favor Cicero and believe that his theories on friendship are more preferred over Aristotle’s. It is true when the scripture says “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpened the countenance of his friend.” (Proverbs 27:17) As friends we should admonish and encourage each other in truth.
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