What Is Environmental Protection And The Importance Of The Environment?

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Statistics from the United Nations (2016) confirm that from 2015 to 2016 there have been 109 out of 197 parties, including China and the United States, signing the Paris Agreement in which they made declarations against climate change, which reveals that global leaders have been aware of the importance of environmental protection and the dangers of overly focusing on development. By definition, environment refers to the combination of the living and non-living elements (Reddy 2011), while development is considered as an upward movement of the whole society (Myrdal 1974). Both are valued as pillars for the sustainable development on the World Summit on Social Development (Mason 2005). However, protecting the environment should be accorded…show more content…
Take America for example. While suffering severely from Hurricane Katrina, thousands of African Americans living in the Gulf region were not provided with accommodation, food, or filtered water for days, because they could not afford health insurance (Brehm and Pellow 2013). By contrast, the loss caused by such environmental disasters did not impose much burden on those who had economic strength to recover (Brehm and Pellow 2013). In this way, the economic inequality was worsened. In addition to that, race inequality in certain countries is deteriorated as well. In Canada, the Ojibway Nation once protested the environmental abuses imposed on them including cutting trees and releasing poisoning wastes (Brehm and Pellow 2013). Therefore, making efforts to protect the environment is necessary to reduce social…show more content…
Valid evidence and statistics about air pollution, hurricanes, climate change, oil spills and nature reserves are employed to prove that valuing the importance of development over environmental protection is beneficial to protect public health, to diminish social inequality, and to prevent unrepaired damage done to the environment. Taking all this into consideration, although the environmental protection and development are both significant, the former needs more attention in order to achieve the ideal level of sustainable development; in the long run, development should not be pursued at the price of the quality of the

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