Essay On Environmental Justice

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Introduction To reach a more sustainable world, everyone's cooperation and participation are essential. Therefore, the equal rights to everyone is prominent, particularly the equal rights gained from our daily surroundings and natural environment which, in together, is the so-called environment. In order to achieve the equality, the concept of environmental justice was developed, that is originally from the unequal distribution of toxic pollutants in an African-American community. As an ongoing framing process, environmental justice has been expanding into more issues and aspects, also horizontally and vertically. It also moves from a rather anthropocentric view to more emphasisation on natural environment and the relationship between human and environment, which on the way to sustainable world. However, there are also some controversy has been generated, an inherently generated issue about justice is illustrated here. Origin and Expansion of Environmental Justice Environmental justice was primarily emerged in USA, which was raised from a campaign against the imposition of toxic and pollutants in a minority community. At the early stage, environmental justice was simply referred to the distributive justice, specifically, inequity distribution of environmental risk (Schlosberg, 2013). Particularly, the environmental impacts and risks are always disproportionately distributed into the poor and minority communities, which also indicate an early focus: racism in the environmental justice (Cole& Foster, 2001; Mohai, Pellow, &Timmins, 2009). At the time, it is still anthropocentric which with not much attention on the natural environment and the relationship between human and environment (Harding, Hendriks, & Faruqi, 2009; Schlosberg,... ... middle of paper ... ...aswan, A. (2011). Reconciling justice and efficiency: integrating environmental justice into domestice cap-and-trade programs for controlling greenhouse gases. In A. Denis (Ed.), Ethics and Global Climate Change. New York: Cambridge University Press. London, K. J., & Sze, J. (2008). Environmental Justice at the Crossroads. Sociology Compass , 2 (4), 1331-1354. Mohai, P., Pellow, D., & Timmins, R. J. (2009). Environmental Justice. Annual Review of Environment and Resources , 34, 405-430. Schlosberg, D. (2013). Theorising environmental justice: the expanding sphere of a discourse. Environmental Politics , 22 (1), 37-55. Walker, G. (2009). Globalizing Environemental Justice: The Geography and Politics of Frame Contextualization and Evolution. Global Social Policy , 9 (3), 355-382. Walker, G. P. (2006). Geographies of Environmental Justice. Geoforum , 37, 655-659.
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