What Is Customer Satisfaction

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In this world, society is changing. When society changes, then marketing start to change. Managers are now trying to figure out how to maintain and how to establish a positive customer relationship. Consumers have access to the Internet which mean they can gain information and they have greater selection. This paper will explain customer delight; however customer satisfaction is a key component to have a competitive advantage. This paper will explain if satisfying the customer is enough to satisfy the customers or do firms need to delight their customers.

Literature Review

In the past years, there have been an increase interested in services. Manufacturers have realized that their real purpose is to served the customers (Oliver and
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Each service quality will be different among each customer. From in the past or traditionally any research that was done on customer satisfaction use this theory of expectancy paradigm. The expectancy paradigm is where the satisfactions is the discrepancy between the perceived quality the actually performance and the expectations. This is use as the reference point (Falk, et. al., 2010). According to Bitner, Gwinner and Gremler (1998) customers that establish a relationship with a company are expected to received satisfactory delivery of the main services. For example, the patients of the doctor expect to receive satisfactory medical care from their doctor. Barnes, Beauchamp and Webster (2010) stated customer satisfaction will create a mutal beneficial outcome for both the consumer and the company. Customers can decide what services they want and what is successful and the companies will get a higher return from the customers. Customers will be more than willing to pay premium prices due to more loyalty. It is beneficial if companies try to achieve satisfaction. They may also achieve this by providing customer delight. They can delight the customer from something as simple as rewards. Whereas customer delight is going beyond the satisfaction and the delight is a pleasurable experience for the…show more content…
This will also have the customers return to the store. Arnold et al, (2005) has indicated that there is a lack of research on customer delight. Finn (2005) states research has not truly defined the difference in customer satisfaction and customer delight. Barnes, Ponder, and Dugar (2011) argues that having customer delight will not guaranteed loyalty. There is a powerful effect with customer delight. There is change in the customer psychological and behavioral variable. According to Alexander(2010) satisfying customers is not enough and this will not produce loyalty. Alexander (2010) infer that customer delight which has a combination of joy and surprises. Chitturi, Raghunathan and Mahajan (2008) indicate that customers will usually purchase goods based on the goods expectation. If the product produce the expectation and elicit positive emotions, then the consumer will more than likely make another purchase or use the services. Customer satisfaction starts from the employees. It is the interaction between the customer and the front-line employee. Services can be intangible and usually the front-line employee will deliver the services to the customers. It could be a services, dental office or even customer to client relations (Barnes, Collier and Robinson, 2014). Employee emotions will have a direct impact on the customer emotions, the customer emotions was a clear indication if
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