What Is Adolescence?

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Adolescence is the development transition between childhood and adulthood entailing major physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes (Papalia and Feldman 2012). Adolescence is another word stating that you are growing up and making your life towards being an adult and leaving some childish things behind. For my life, I started adolescence early; I thought it was just my maturity but my parents thought otherwise. I began developing at the age of 10 years old. I was reaching towards my adolescence growth spurt around the same time, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Adolescence growth spurt is a sharp increase in height and weight that precedes sexual maturity (Papalia and Feldman 2012). I was the tallest and biggest girl in my class in elementary. I thought it was weird being taller than the guys because I believe that guys would develop and mature before girls but guys started puberty in middle school. At the age of 10, I began my growth spurt as adolescence. I started my menstruation and was diagnosed as a diabetic. I freaked out but my mother and sisters told me I was completely normal. At 10 years old, I was not treated as adolescence. I believe at the age of twelve, I started taking care of my younger cousin and became a babysitter. In between age 12 and 16, I fully develop …show more content…

My families believe I was going to be some big time lawyer or doctor but I had a different path. First, I wanted to be a choreographer because I love dancing and it was a way to keep fit. Dancing was a sense of fun and exercise, but becoming a television host or a news broadcaster. I wanted to be like Oprah having my own talk show discussing the many issues and having celebrity guess come on and discuss the great things that are surrounding their lives. After being able to discuss my future with my family, they believe that I can do so much better and to do what I love and enjoy it without any

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  • Narrates how their parents taught them how to manage money and take on responsibilities before leaving for college.
  • Explains that they wanted to be a choreographer because they love dancing and it was fun and exercise, but they also wanted oprah to have their own talk show discussing the many issues.
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