Laurel Mall Adolescence

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An individual goes through many stages in life, when going from an infancy to adulthood. But the most complex stage is adolescence, where an individual has to identify him or herself as a person to be able to transition to adulthood. Adolescence is a stage in life where teens are trying to figure out who they are, while exposing themselves to risky behaviors. Erikson's theory of identity versus role confusion tries to explain that teens explore the world to try to identify what kind of person they want to be. Many local teens local go to the Laurel Mall on Friday nights so I took the opportunity to observe their cognition, language, and socialization. Adolescence is a time period where teens try to identify themselves as an individual. Adolescence is a stage where teens explore new things while making mistakes. Teens have a moratorium period where they are liberal of responsibility, allowing them to experience different roles. According to Erickson, adolescents explore their identity through things they would like to pursue, such as, religion, career, and sexual identity …show more content…

Adolescents at the Laurel Mall were making irrational behaviors. For example, a kid decided to sit on the floor and start yelling, while his friend was flicking his head. According to the Human Development book, teens gray matter decreases, which is the part of the brain that is made up of cell bodies, while the teens white matter increases, which is made up of many axons (Sigelman). This change in a teen’s brain is believed to make teens more inclined to make irrational decisions, because their brains react to expecting greater reward before it is able to think rationally. Teens at the mall were acting foolish in order to get attention and expect a reward such as a reaction from their friends. This explains why teens act in risky behaviors that most adults would not

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