Social Work-420 Week 3 Individual Assignment

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Adolescence Lauren Sutor Dr.Miskowiec Social Work- 420 UW-Stout 3-9-17 Adolescence is a time when a person changes from a teenager into a young adult. The body develops and matures and the brain develops also. Adolescence is also when a person begins to start experiencing the “real world” and doing things on their own. They develop a sense of independence and try to rely on their parents less. Many teens will have part-time jobs while they go to college and further their education to transition to a grown-up job eventually. With adolescence comes a lot of changes, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Adolescent people with start to evolve in maturity and their ideas of what’s important will change. They may develop a new sense …show more content…

The organizations provides fun and creative activities while also teaching people conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork, bonding, and confidence skills. Adolescence is a transitional period in life and is marked by changes and uncertainty. Even if an adolescent isn’t going through a crisis or a hard time, it would still be fun to take outdoor educations courses compared to standard high school or college courses. Experiential Wilderness Education. (2017). Retrieved March 09, 2017, from Helen Keller quotes. (1999-2016). Retrieved March 09, 2017, from Gregoire, C. (2014, January 14). The Surprising Ways The Weather Affects Your Health And Well-Being. Retrieved March 09, 2017, from Wise, A. (2014, June 22). Here's Proof Going Outside Makes You Healthier. Retrieved March 09, 2017, from

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